**Video player above: Watch as the storm surges through Fort Myers beach Wednesday afternoon.**

FLORIDA (WJW) – Florida residents are battening down the hatches due to Hurricane Ian.

Wednesday afternoon, the National Hurricane Center officially announced that the storm had made landfall with Florida.

At about noon on Wednesday, this is what the Sunshine Skyway Bridge in Tampa looked like as Hurricane Ian’s eyewall moved onshore in Florida.

Businesses boarded up their storefronts in Sarasota, on Florida’s Gulf Coast, as the state braced for the impact.

Infrared satellite imagery from NOAA Satellites showed Hurricane Ian churning off the coast of west Florida.

Another video shared by Victoria Bollea showed floodwater beneath her stilt house, two hours before high tide. She said, “This is not what we at all expected.”

The National Hurricane Center has said Ian could bring “life-threatening storm surge, catastrophic winds, and flooding.”

Ian is now a Category 4 Hurricane, not quite hitting Category 5. Multiple counties across Florida have been placed under evacuation orders and many people are being asked to shelter in place as the storm continues to rage through the state.

NASA showed off what the storm looked like from space, as seen below: