PICKENS, S.C. (WJW) — A police officer was recently treated to free dance lessons during a nighttime traffic stop in South Carolina.

Thankfully, the whole clogging exchange was caught on camera, as seen at the top of the story.

“This stop for failure to maintain lane quickly turned into a two-step dance lesson from a kind gentleman who had just left [the dance hall] Cotton Eyed Joe’s,” the Pickens Police Department said in a Facebook post.

Officer Woodmansee reportedly pulled the man over Sunday just after midnight. He got out of his vehicle with his clogging shoes (which have metal taps) still on and asked her if she was familiar with the style of dance. When she didn’t know what that was, he got down to business teaching her a two-step and then shuffled around right there on the concrete.

Credit: Pickens Police Department via Storyful

But wait, it gets better.

Just a few weeks before this traffic stop, the same officer was privy to yet another kind of performance. This time a man chose to impress Woodmansee using the musical instruments in his vehicle: A guitar, the spoons and a saw.

The police department made clear the man with the instruments was not cited during his traffic stop, but we don’t know how the dancer fared.

“Officer Woodmansee has an eye for finding gifted people on traffic stops,” the department said on Facebook.