STAMFORD, Connecticut (WJW) – Firefighters helped rescue a woman trapped under a bus in Connecticut Tuesday afternoon.

Crews from the Stamford Fire Department were dispatched just after 3 p.m. to the intersection of Broad and Atlantic streets after several 911 calls reported that a woman was hit by a Connecticut Transit bus and became stuck underneath it.

When they got to the scene, firefighters found the woman pinned under the front axle of the bus. Crews stabilized the bus and used high pressure air bags to lift it before safely removing the woman from underneath.

The woman was taken to Stamford Hospital to treat her injuries.

“This was a valiant and flawless effort by Stamford firefighters that demonstrates their exceptional talents and the department’s capabilities. Given the size and weight of this bus, we are very grateful that her injuries were not more serious,” said Deputy Chief Matt Palmer.

Stamford Police are investigating the incident.