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CHARDON, Ohio– Residents in Geauga County are on the lookout after a black bear was caught on video roaming through a backyard.

The video shows the bear toppling a bird feeder and sticking around for a snack. It was recorded Monday evening on Woodin Road in Chardon and posted to a Facebook page called “Meanwhile, in Geauga County.”

Ohio is home to a small, but growing population of black bears, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. It’s estimated there are between 50 and 100 in the state.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources recommends doing the following so bears do not become a problem:

  • Bird feeders and other wildlife feed-remove feeders, including hummingbird and suet feeders.
  • Trash receptacles-store your garbage either in a garage or a secure container.
  • Pet foods-keep pet foods inside, especially at night.
  • Grease from grills-clean out grease traps after each use; store grill in garage or shed.
  • Secure beehives-place electric fencing around beehives.
  • Crops-pick fruit from berry bushes as soon as possible; scare bears out of agriculture fields as soon as damage occurs.