GOULDS, Florida (WJW) – Heart-wrenching moments were captured by police officer body camera in Florida as officers rushed to save a child from a sinking car.

The newly-released footage comes from police in Miami-Dade County and shows the rescue of a 3-year-old boy from a car that crashed into a canal. According to police, the child’s parents were unable to free the boy from a car seat.

“This one was different because as a father when you hear a child is underwater in a vehicle and the parent can’t get him out – the first emotion that goes through your head is ‘Go!,'” said Officer Emmanuel Walton III, who acted immediately to get the boy.

“I couldn’t see through the water,” said Walton. “Eventually I felt the baby seat, the car seat, and I pulled it as hard as I could.”

Once the child was freed from the vehicle, officers administered CPR until the child started breathing again.

“When the baby started crying I started crying too because it was the best cry I’ve ever heard in my life,” said one officer.

The child was rushed to a nearby hospital, police said. The child’s father also survived the crash.