(WJW) – Advice from experts on how to lose weight can be endless, but one British psychologist has offered what he calls a “very simple, but actually pretty effective” tip.

Richard Wiseman, a professor at the University of Hertfordshire and the UK’s only Professor in the Public Understanding of Psychology, hosts a podcast called On Your Mind that aims to answer a thousand questions about the human mind.

An episode focuses on the power of small changes. In the podcast, Wiseman said, “If you do want to lead a healthier lifestyle, maybe you want to eat less unhealthy food, there are all sorts of things you can do but one of the most enjoyable ways, actually, is just to eat with your non-dominant hand.”

Wiseman goes on to explain that the simple, or maybe not so simple, change of eating with your non-dominant hand can lead to more mindful eating that takes longer.

“So you end up eating less,” said Wiseman.

The podcast goes on to discuss similar physiological tips, or hacks, to eating less and losing weight, such as eating in front of a mirror or using a smaller plate or fork. To hear more, CLICK HERE.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes that healthy weight isn’t about following a diet or program, and instead, comes from a lifestyle with healthy eating patterns, regular physical activity, and stress management. The CDC recommends on their website, “If you are concerned about your weight or have questions about your medications, talk with your health care provider.” You can learn more, here.