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(WJW) — A trailer was released for a documentary film about the life of actor Val Kilmer on Tuesday.

In it, Kilmer, who was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2015, speaks with a voice box.

The documentary, titled “Val,” is made up of video taken by Kilmer over the course of his life and career. The trailer description states: “Who is Val Kilmer? He’s Batman. He’s Iceman. He’s Jim Morrison. And he’s a lifelong filmmaker.”

Fox News reports Kilmer’s son, Jack Kilmer, is the narrator, speaking as though he were his father.

In the trailer, he says: “I was recently diagnosed with throat cancer. I’m still recovering. And it is difficult to talk and be understood.”

Using a voice box, Kilmer himself says: “I’ve tried to see the world as one piece of life.”

Kilmer said he was one of the first people he knew to own a video camera and that he has thousands of hours worth of film from his personal life and behind the scenes of some of his movies.

The documentary is set to premiere at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival.

Kilmer tweeted that it will also be in theaters July 23 and will stream on Amazon Prime starting Aug. 6.