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HURON, Ohio– An act of vandalism has a Huron woman literally stumped. Police confirm dozens of her trees and shrubs were cut to the ground over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Patricia Votino told FOX 8 that she is saddened by the unwelcome landscaping.

“I thought, who could do such a thing? Who could be that mean?” said Votino.

Votino has lived at the Ashland Ave. home for the past 36 years. She also made it very clear that she didn’t hire anyone to do the ‘tree trimming.’

“Up and down the road you can see the rosasheron trees are all gone,” she said.
“See how big the stump is, on the blue spruce,” she went on.

In all, at least 50 trees or shrubs were chopped down. Votino noticed the act of vandalism when she came home from her vacation over Thanksgiving.

“Opened my blinds and looked outside and my trees were gone,” she said. “I didn’t do any harm to anyone. Why, why would someone do this to me? What did I do to cause them to be irritated?” Votino asked.

The homeowner is hoping for justice in this situation. She believes each tree or shrub lost is about $100 each.

Meanwhile, police tell FOX 8 they have no suspects in the case.