WOOSTER, Ohio (WJW) – The College of Wooster is dealing with some unwelcome guests.

Bats are being reported in the hallways of dorms, even biting students.

“It’s startling for someone to move into their new residence hall and encounter a nuisance pest like a bat, especially if you’ve never encountered that before,” said Melissa Anderson, secretary of the college.

Wooster is no stranger to bats this time of year. However, it appears the bats had an unusually high mating season.

“We are aware of at least 11 students who have come in contact with a bat,” said Anderson.

Anderson said all the students who have been bitten by a bat are receiving treatment for two weeks.

“We’ve gone through the older residences that don’t have air conditioning, that have screens. We’ve gone through and examined every single room in those halls,” said Anderson.

The college also has multiple staff members on “bat watch” at night to try and figure out how the bats are getting in. They’ve also built bat houses along campus.

The college also put up signage in the dorms warning students about the bat problem.

“We work with the Wayne County Health Department to identify if they are carrying any diseases we need to know about. In the meantime, if a student sees a bat, comes in contact with a bat, contact campus safety and follow that protocol,” said Anderson.