(WJW) – Monday night, FOX 8 received reports from viewers of an unusual “string of lights” in the sky over Northeast Ohio.

The lights were spotted at 10:40 p.m.

One viewer from Portage County said he was walking his dog in Aurora when he looked up into the sky to see if he could spot Venus.

“What I saw shocked and puzzled me,” said the viewer. “The string was followed by a gap with a dimmer light at the trailing end.”

Another viewer from Erie County reported a similar sighting. He captured the lights on camera.

Courtesy: Patrick Rockwell

So, what was it?

Local Astronomer Jay Reynolds says the video shows a group of satellites recently launched by Space-X.

“What we are seeing is the initial low Earth phase of these satellites, leaving their housing and reflecting light back to Earth. This is an unintentional reflection of sunlight,” explained Reynolds. “It is the same idea when the space station flies over an area, the angle of the sunlight must be just right for us to see (and) notice it.”

Reynolds goes on to explain that International Space Station fly-overs actually occur in our area five times per day, but it’s either too light out or the space station is on the dark side of its orbit.

“This group of satellites were in the daylight portion of its orbit, and it was dark where the viewer was,” said Reynolds.

Reynolds says more reports and sightings of these ‘string of lights’ can be expected.