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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WJW) — Government officials are working hard to keep people safe and slowly reopen the economy, while a COVID-19 vaccine is still not available.

University Hospitals in Cleveland and technology company TensorMark announced a partnership today that they say would allow for people to gather more safely.

The new initiative would use TensorMark’s computer-based facial recognition technology that would allow an employer, workplace or event space to see in real time if a person has recently tested positive or negative for COVID-19.

“TensorMark’s technology can be deployed via a wearable (e.g., VUZIX Blade), smartphone, or mounted device at the entrance of a certified location to validate an individual via facial recognition,” Andrew Jacobson, president of TensorMark, explained in a statement.

The testing system would comply with all privacy laws, HIPPA included, the companies said in a statement, and only people who want to take part in the program would have their information included in the database.

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The companies did not say when the program would start.