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CLEVELAND, Ohio — City Councilman Zack Reed is hoping that all newly-constructed public bathrooms in Cleveland will be gender neutral.

In a release, Reed mentioned ongoing renovations, which are in the beginning phases, to the lakefront area. The renovations consist of housing, new restaurants, volleyball courts, music venues and public restrooms.

Reed also said the soon-to-be public restrooms that will be constructed at Voinovich Park will be unisex.

“I was happy to work with and see Cumberland Lakefront, LLC will install gender neutral restrooms at Voinovich Park. My hope is that the City of Cleveland will begin to install unisex public bathrooms therefore ensuring that all Clevelanders feel welcome and to avoid the controversy in other states like North Carolina,” Reed said.

Signed into law in March in North Carolina, House Bill 2 prohibits people from entering bathrooms that do not match the sex on their birth certificates — a distinction that opponents, now including top federal law enforcement officials, have called a violation of the Civil Rights Act.

Earlier this month, the Justice Department and North Carolina filed dueling lawsuits, setting the stage for a long legal battle that could be destined for the Supreme Court.

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