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CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio (WJW)– A Northeast Ohio man is convinced he captured video of a UFO on Tuesday night, but a veteran pilot says there’s a logical explanation for what the witness spotted in the sky.

Matthew Jandecka, 44, of Cleveland Heights, said he was sitting on his porch when he saw the unusual object hovering near a cloud bank. He grabbed his iPhone and began recording.

“The first thing that came into my mind was it was a UFO. Don’t know exactly what it is, but there’s definitely intelligence as far as what it’s origin is,” he told FOX 8 News.

The unusual movements and properties of the object convinced Jandecka it was not from our world.

“A cube that was rotating and the cube transformed from a rotating cube to a rotating sphere. It made no noise whatsoever. It appeared as though it was internal propulsion versus external propulsion. It’s not something that I would say is terrestrial,” he said.

The owner of Zone Aviation at the Lorain County Airport said he believes the flying object shown in the video can actually be identified.

“My honest opinion is that it’s not a UFO, it’s a drone,” Bob Snezek said after watching the video several times.

Snezek, who’s been a pilot for 23 years, said the object is likely a typical drone with a hood and propeller covers that make it appear to be a cube.

“I don’t see any erratic movements that would give me an indication of something out of our world,” he said.

As for Jandecka’s perception that the object changed shapes, Snezek opined, “You can see where it gets blurry a little bit and that would appear to change shape, but that’s just the focus, I would say, on the phone. The movement on it looks pretty normal to me as a drone.”

Of greater concern to Snezek is the possibility that the operator of the craft may have created a dangerous situation in the sky.

“He’s in very busy air space around Cleveland itself and if he’s above 400 feet, I would want to know who’s playing around up there,” he said.

You can draw your own conclusion about the vide, and it may come down to your views on the origins of unidentified flying objects.

“It was completely exotic, so if we do have any technology like that, they’re not sharing it with the public,” Jandecka said.

“I believe there’s a logical explanation. I never rule out 100 percent for extraterrestrial, but that’s not in my belief system at this point,” Snezek said.

Jandecka said he is willing to share his video with federal authorities. According to Snezek, it’s likely that the Federal Aviation Administration and officials at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport will investigate whether the operator of the craft may have violated any air space restrictions.