(WJW) — The United Auto Workers union is expanding its strike.

On Friday at noon, all of the parts and distribution facilities under GM and Stellantis went on strike at 38 locations in 20 states, including Cleveland.

Local 573 took to the picket lines in Streetsboro at Mopar Parts Distribution Center Friday.

“We want a fair share of the record profits we make for our company every year,” Rudy Murray, a UAW Local 573 member. “If you look, years ago we gave away a lot. Now we just want some of it back.”

UAW representatives had said the union would call on workers at more plants to strike unless there was significant progress in contract negotiations with Ford, General Motors and Stellantis.

“We are due our fair share,” said UAW Local 573 President Mike Kalman.

All three companies have agreed to increased pay and benefits but have rejected the union’s demand on how much employees should be paid.

The union is seeking pay raises of 36% over four years, an end to lower pay scales for new workers and, most boldly, a 32-hour work week for 40 hours of pay. 

“There are no concessions on the table,” Fain said.

Fain said they had made significant progress in its negotiations with Ford.

Workers went on strike a week ago at three assembly plants: a Ford factory near Detroit, a GM plant outside St. Louis and a Jeep plant owned by Stellantis in Toledo. Those plants will also remain on strike, Fain said.

Joining strikers in Streetsboro was Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown, who said his job is to always help workers.

“We (members of the Senate) need to tell the story what led to this. They didn’t just wake up one day and say ‘let’s strike,'” Brown said.