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OHIO (WJW) — Republican Josh Mandel, who is making a run for the U.S. Senate in Ohio, is calling on Gov. Mike DeWine to immediately remove the statewide mask mandate.

According to a tweet, Mandel, who is a Marine veteran and former state treasurer, also asks that all restrictions on businesses also be removed.

He also called on DeWine to require that all schools open for in-person instruction and to “re-open Ohio so our businesses and communities can thrive.”

“Ohioans have suffered for almost a year due to misinformation from Amy Acton, Anthony Fauci and Mike DeWine, who thought they were better equipped to make decisions than moms and dads, small business owners and faith leaders. Today we demand that Governor DeWine remove all restrictions on Ohioans and allow our families and communities to make decisions without the heavy hand of government crippling their liberties any longer.”

Last month, Mandel announced a third run for the U.S. Senate in Ohio, taking a pro-Trump message in a bid for the seat being vacated by the GOP’s Rob Portman.

Mandel was the first statewide official in Ohio to back Trump in 2016 and he raised $500,000 for him in 2020, he said. His campaign will focus on common themes of economic freedom, individual liberty and the “America First” agenda.

“When I go to Washington, I’m going to go there to pulverize the uni-party,” he said. “The uni-party is what I call this group of Democrats and Republicans who sound exactly the same and are more interested in getting invited to the cocktail party circuit than they are in standing up for the Constitution.”

DeWine announced new coronavirus-related health orders Tuesday. While the state has not softened its stance on mask-wearing, sporting events and gatherings will soon look different.