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CALIFORNIA (WJW) — A school campus in California went on lockdown after two students refused to wear their masks.

KTTV reports Victoria Nelson is a junior at Springs Charter School and her brother, Drew, is a senior.

They said they chose not to wear masks for religious reasons, believing it would be enough to exempt them from the state mandate, KTTV reports. They did not file requests with the district or school.

Administrators said Victoria Nelson refused to wear a mask or leave class. That’s when her principal said if she didn’t leave, they would physically remove her from the classroom.

“She was within a foot of me,” said Victoria Nelson told KTTV. “And when I would go left, she would follow me. And then I was trying to go around her, and V would block me. And so eventually I just kind of gave up.”

Deputies arrived at the school, which was placed on lockdown. Both students were banned from going to the school ever again.

The school said in a statement that there are no religious exemptions in the state mask order and an exemption has never been recognized by the Supreme Court.

“The whole situation,” said Victoria Nelson. “It’s very sad to have something that we both believe in so strongly, and it’s not an excuse. It’s truly what we believe.”