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CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio– Police in Cleveland Heights are trying to track down two young men who robbed a store at gunpoint, and led officers on a pursuit before crashing the car and getting away.

Police said around 2:45 p.m. Friday, the men robbed the Dollar General store on Lee Road in Cleveland Heights.

According to a police report, one of the suspects walked up to the clerk with a black firearm and told her, “Give me everything out the register and the safe.” She complied. A second suspect was in the bathroom at the time and met up with the first suspect a few blocks away, the police report said. Witnesses said they both jump into a white Ford Focus.

While officers were investigating inside the store, another officer spotted the getaway car about a mile and a half from the store.
He tried to pull over the car, which has no license plate on the back. The driver made dangerous turns and crossed the solid yellow line while the officer pursued them into Cleveland.

“Alright, he just wrecked,” the pursuing officer is heard saying on dash cam video.

When they reached the corner of East 110th Street and Woodland Avenue, the vehicle crashed into a pole and both people inside made a run for it. One was carrying a large bag.

“They just ran in between two apartments… Do you advise that you need a K-9 out? Shaker has a K-9,” asked the dispatcher.

“Yes, 10-4,” responded the officer.

Officers from Cleveland and Shaker Heights, including a K-9, helped officers search with no luck. Inside the car, officers found a temporary registration tag and more.

“I got a gun in the car, also I got a cell phone,” reported the officer.

Police later determined the gun they found was an air soft gun, a replica of a Beretta 92.

Investigators said the men got away with $893. Cleveland Heights police said they also have surveillance video from inside the store that could help them identify the suspects.