BEACHWOOD, Ohio (WJW) – Two minors have been identified after multiple Beachwood City School students reportedly received “threatening messages” on Instagram, the Beachwood City Schools superintendent said in a letter to parents and guardians Wednesday.

According to the letter, Beachwood police said there was never any threat of imminent harm to Beachwood students or staff.

Superintendent Dr. Robert Hardis said both suspects will face legal and school consequences for their actions.

“The minors’ actions caused significant fear for many in our community, and Beachwood Schools will not tolerate threatening behavior of any kind,” Hardis said in the letter.

“This is a good opportunity to remind your children, who have channels to communicate with others through their phones and social media platforms at all times of day, of the importance of reporting threatening and inappropriate messages and content to an adult as soon as possible,” Hardis said in the letter. “Violent acts are rarely committed without some forewarning, and your children are often our best sources of information to help keep the entire community safe. Urge your children to talk to you, to any adult at school, or to contact the police department if they ever receive or see threatening and inappropriate messages.”

The first threatening message was reportedly sent in November and others followed, the district said.