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LORAIN, Ohio (WJW) – Lorain City Schools says two people will be let go after a parent reported that her daughter was forced to eat food from a garbage can in the cafeteria at Palm Elementary School.

According to the district, surveillance video from the cafeteria was included in evidence from their investigation.

The staff members were immediately put on administrative leave, the district says.

A lawsuit filed by the child’s parent alleges that on Nov. 21, the student told the school’s principal she “did not like the waffles” she was eating and “asked for a different meal.” The lawsuit states the principal told the girl to “finish what was on her tray,” but the student instead “threw out the remaining waffles.”

The suit alleges another staff member then pulled the waffles from the trash and forced the girl to finish eating them.

Superintendent and CEO Dr. Jeff Graham reported his intention to discharge both the principal and paraprofessional who were the subjects of the investigation.

The school board voted in support of the decision Thursday morning.

The paraprofessional was discharged Thursday.

The administrator has been removed from her position as principal and will also be discharged following a 10-day notice.

“Any infringement upon the dignity and respect of our students will not be tolerated. Our students deserve staff members who are able to make good decisions in all situations — and any staff member who is unable to deliver on that promise is unwelcome in our schools,” Graham said in a statement.

“We will not let the actions of two people define us when there are so many wonderful things happening in our classrooms, schools and community,” he said.