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EUCLID, Ohio (WJW) – Euclid police and animal control officers are investigating after two dogs were found tied together inside a filthy apartment with no food and no water.

“We received a call from a concerned neighbor that heard these dogs barking and crying for a number of weeks,” said Euclid Police Chief Scott Meyer.

Police say they don’t believe anyone was living at the apartment.

“It appeared they were abandoned,” Meyer said. “The officers got the dogs water and contacted animal control.”

The dogs were taken to the Euclid Animal Shelter.

“They were malnourished and really dehydrated,” said Ann Mills, Euclid Animal Control Officer. “Their eyes were sunken in, they were in pretty bad shape.”

She said the dogs were taken for medical care and are doing better.

So far, no arrests have been made.

Mills says she is seeing an increase in dogs being abandoned.

“It’s really bad,” Mills said. “We have seen a big increase.”

The Euclid police chief agrees.

“It is my understanding, what I read nationally, this is becoming a real problem,” Meyer said. “During COVID, people wanted these companion animals and now that the eviction process has begun again for many people, they don’t know where to take these animals and they are not sure what to do.”

Officials say if someone has an animal that they can no longer take care of, they need to call a shelter, the Animal Protective League or Humane Society and ask for help.

“You have a legal responsibility to take care of your pets, Meyer said.

Euclid Captain Donna Holden added that a person can face criminal charges for abandoning their pets.

“There are charges that could come out of any case where dogs are not taken care of properly,” Holden said.