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BROOKLYN, Ohio- Josiah and Gideon Trank say they know even superheroes need a little help sometimes.

So they want to help their “super hero,” Cleveland Officer David Muniz, who is battling cancer.

“I want him to know he is not alone, we are here, and we can help,” said Gideon.

They decided to open a hot chocolate stand to raise money for the officer’s medical expenses.

“We have done lemonade stands in the past, but now it’s kinda cold so I told the boys we could wait, but they wanted to do it now and suggested selling hot drinks,” said Machelle Trank.

The stand is open Monday in the 6800 block of Vandalia in Brooklyn.

The sales were a little slow this morning, but Josiah has faith.

“They will come, they won’t let the officer down,” Josiah said.

They also have hot coffee and free hugs.

“We want to do whatever we can to offer help and support,” Avery Trank said.

The boys are also sending hugs and love to Officer Muniz, who surprised them at their stand!