LOGAN, Ohio (WCMH) — Three adults have been arrested after the Hocking County Sheriff’s Office found a 3-year-old in a cage and a 2-year-old holding a drug pipe Sunday during a search of a house, per the sheriff’s office.

HCSO says they conducted a search warrant at a residence on Bear Run Road pertaining to an investigation into sexual assault.

When authorities arrived at the home, they found a 3-year-old locked in a cage that was secured with zip ties and contained bugs inside. A 2-year-old was then seen walking inside the house holding a meth pipe, per the sheriff’s office.

Both children were taken into emergency custody as HCSO says two adults left the residence due to their involvement in the sexual assault investigation while a woman was detained.

Ella Webb, 61, was arrested and charged with endangering children. She pleaded not guilty and was issued $200,000 bond.

Ella Webb (left) has been arrested and charged with endangering children. Megan Smith (center) and Franklin “T.J.” Varney (right) are at-large and accused of child endangerment.

Franklin “T.J.” Varney, 38,, and Megan Smith, 25, who are accused of endangering children, were arrested Monday. They were taken to Southeastern Ohio Regional Jail.