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CUYAHOGA FALLS, Ohio–  The turkey who became the talk of the town in Cuyahoga Falls as he chased after people and cars, was hit by a vehicle.

He is now recovering after surgery. We went to visit him Thursday at Barberton Veterinary Clinic, where he just had extensive surgery on his shattered leg.

The vet said it was a very complicated surgery and he’s not out of the woods just yet.

“He’s got 3 pins in his leg and he’s got a splint on top of that. He’s on pain meds, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory; we’re doing laser therapy on him, to try to get the swelling down. Right now, he’s in the post-op; we’ll probably go through this for the first 10-14 days,” Dr. Gary Riggs told us.

He will probably stay in rehab through the winter. The hope is to have him ready for release in the spring, preferably with a flock.

A wildlife foundation called Wild Forever is taking care of the costs to treat him.

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