**Related Video Above: Ralph the Turkey hanging out with Twinsburg officers prior to his passing (Video courtesy Officer Dan Fidoe).**

CLEVELAND (WJW) — The holidays are most likely the only time of year you attempt to cook an entire turkey at your house. But that’s easier said than done.

Whether you want to know about the perfect size bird for you, or exactly how to cook it with stuffing inside, Butterball is here for you — for the 42nd year and counting.

The poultry company’s famous talk line, which is 1-800-BUTTERBALL for callers or 844-877-3456 for texters, reopened the day after Halloween and is on hand through Christmas Eve.

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Butterball also offers up a helpful calculators and conversions list for those looking for quick hoanswers.

It’s important to remember two things: It takes a lot more than one day for your turkey to defrost from the freezer and that you are not alone when it comes to cooking questions.