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CUYAHOGA FALLS, Ohio– A camera was recording as a freight train barreled into a snow plow that was stuck at a rail crossing in Summit County Sunday night.

Cuyahoga Falls was hit by more than a foot of snow in the storm with city plow truck operators  working long hours to clear the roads. Each time they travel to the city’s service complex to refuel and get a fresh supply of salt, they cross the railroad tracks on Bailey Road.

A city employee was crossing the tracks at about 7:20 p.m. Sunday and his plow got stuck as a CSX train was heading toward the crossing.

“I thought the road was closed off and I was about to turn around. And I saw the gates come down and the lights flashing, and it was kind of freaky,” said witness Drew Vasiloff. He said he was relieved when he realized the truck driver was safe.

“I was worried that he was still in there, but luckily, I saw him jump out.”

Vasiloff captured the moment when the train slammed into the plow truck and drove it down the tracks.

“The train just comes straight through the plow, just like cutting through butter. It was just, it was insane. So it destroyed it,” Vasiloff said.

Investigators said the crew did not have enough time to stop the train.

Cuyahoga Falls Mayor Don Walters said the city is now conducting an investigation into the accident. He said the truck was equipped with two plows; one of the front and a side wing plow.

The wing blade got stuck on the track, he said.