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CLEVELAND, Ohio–  Saki Chen of New York City is attempting to become the first Chinese woman to fly around the world. And, her journey began in Northeast Ohio.

“This trip will be very challenging for me and very exciting,” Chen said.

On this journey, Saki will fly Cleveland-based T&G flying Club’s Bonanza A36, a single piston-engine powered airplane.

The owners are going along for the ride as safety pilots.  “We’ve outfitted this one in particular with long-range tanks and upgraded engine; it’s a great plane for doing this kind of trip in,” said Richard Rohl.

August 1 marked the beginning of a 24,000-mile adventure, leaving from Cuyahoga County Airport, then making stops in other U.S. cities, before heading to countries including Canada, Iceland, the UK, Italy, Egypt China, Russia, then back to the United States. It will be 140 hours of travel time, barring any unforeseen mechanical or weather delays.

Chen said she’s been preparing for months. “I rented a plane in Iceland and I flew over the glacier there and also over the volcano.”

The two-month journey is one Saki Chen is hoping will go down in history.

“If you have a dream, no matter how ridiculous at the beginning looks like- keep working on it and never give up,” said Chen.