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CLEVELAND, Ohio (WJW) – Monday afternoon, the Cleveland Indians played at Progressive Field for the final time under their century-old name, beating Kansas City 8-3.

Sunday was supposed to be the team’s final time playing as the Indians at home, but a last-minute reschedule due to rain brought about today’s game.

Check out choice photos from the game below:

The team will officially take the Guardians name sometime in 2022. The Tribe still has six remaining games on the road and will continue to play under the Indians name for those games.

(Photo Credit: Cleveland Indians)
(Photo Credit: Cleveland Indians)

The new name was selected after the franchise considered more than 1,200 options and got input from fans and community stakeholders. It is a nod to the Guardians of Traffic, which stand at either end of the Hope Memorial Bridge that crosses the Cuyahoga River and leads to downtown and Progressive Field.

(Image courtesy: Cleveland Indians)

Majority Owner Paul Dolan acknowledged the change will be hard for some fans. When announcing the change, he noted, he too, has a lifetime of memories with the Cleveland Indians. Dolan said the name change was not about being politically correct but doing what was right. He also said the name reflects the resiliency and hometown pride Cleveland is known for.

Branding changes and changes to Progressive Field are set to take place during the offseason, including removing the Indians script sign that is inside the stadium.

New Cleveland Guardians merchandise is expected to be available sometime in January.