AKRON, Ohio (WJW) — The trial continued Monday for two brothers accused of beating a 17-year-old boy outside the I Promise School in June 2022 and unintentionally causing his death.

On Friday, jurors visited the school’s basketball court on West Market Street where prosecutors say Deshawn Stafford, 21, of Akron, and his younger brother Tyler Stafford, 20, of Cleveland, confronted Ethan Liming, 17, and three other teens.

Prosecutors in Friday’s opening statements said Liming and his friends shot at the Staffords and another person with a toy gun that fires gel pellets at a high rate of speed.

Ethan Liming (Photo courtesy: Akron Public Schools)

Liming was knocked unconscious and beaten, authorities said. Medical officials ruled Liming was killed by a blunt force head injury when his head struck the pavement during the fight, according to his autopsy report. He was pronounced dead that night.

In opening statements Friday, prosecutors said the brothers went too far, but defense attorneys said they were just defending themselves.

The jury on Monday heard from one of the Akron detectives first on the scene and showed the jury surveillance video of Liming driving up to basketball courts outside of the school. Several people from his car were seen getting out and running to the courts.

A short time late, there was an altercation at the car.

A friend described the fatal altercation.

“From where I was standing, it’s jut like a ball of people, and then Ethan gets like knocked out, and then he’s on the ground,” said the friend. “They are like stomping and kicking.”

Deshawn and Tyler Stafford

The Stafford brothers were initially charged with murder but were later indicted by a Summit County grand jury on lesser charges.

At the time, Deshawn was 20 and Tyler was 19.