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SHAWANO, WI – A Wisconsin city has a new way to fight bullies: they’re going to fine the bullies’ parents.

Shawano, Wisconsin has a new city ordinance that allows police to fine parents if they’re made aware that their child is acting like a bully and do nothing to stop the behavior.

The police there will be working with the school district to identify the bullies and then notify the parents, who’ll then have 90 days to take steps to stop their child’s behavior. If they don’t, the first fine is $366. A second offense within a year will increase that fine to $681.

The law prohibits bullying and harassment of any kind, including cyber-bullying, within city limits. It is targeted at school age children who are 18 and under.

The Shawano Common Council adopted the ordinance the last week of April. It went into effect immediately.