FLORENCE, Italy (WJW) – A German tourist visiting the picturesque city of Florence in Italy is now facing severe consequences following an act of vandalism that left a historic fountain damaged.

The incident, which happened on Monday, involved the tourist climbing the famous 16th-century Fountain of Neptune in Piazza della Signoria for a photo opportunity.

The egregious behavior caught the attention of Florence’s Mayor, Dario Nardella, who swiftly condemned the act and vowed to take action. Mayor Nardella took to social media, posting CCTV footage of the incident to raise awareness.

In his statement, he expressed his gratitude for the Municipality’s surveillance cameras, which allowed them to identify the perpetrator.

“Thanks to the cameras of the Municipality, he has been identified and will pay a hefty fine. There is no justification against vandalism of cultural heritage,” Mayor Nardella declared, emphasizing the importance of preserving and respecting the city’s rich historical treasures.

The Fountain of Neptune, an iconic symbol of Florence, had undergone an extensive restoration in 2018.