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(WJW) — FOX 8 News in the Morning anchor Stefani Schaefer is continuing to recover from a serious injury sustained while doing yard work a couple weeks ago.

Schaefer took to social media Wednesday to thank the Cleveland Clinic sports medicine facility, Cleveland Clinic ER and Hillcrest ER for their help in her surgery and care.

“My little guardian angels surrounding me over these last three weeks and giving me such wonderful care,” she wrote on Instagram. “You are all in the profession you were BORN to be in!”

Along with the update, Schaefer also posted a series of photos from the ambulance to her hospital bed.

Schaefer shared that her foot slid out from beneath her while stepping over a row of bushes, leading to her hamstring being completely torn from the pelvic bone — a rare injury.

After getting surgery last Thursday, Schaefer continues to heal, but it’s unclear when she’ll be back behind the anchor desk, as she can’t walk for at least six weeks and is unable to sit normally.

In Wednesday’s post, she was candid about the challenges she’s currently enduring.

One of the biggest struggles through this is that I have to rely on my loved ones for EVERY SINGLE THING. My mom and daughter Siena have been by my side nonstop ❤️ I am so used to doing to everything for everyone around me… that this has really been a tough adjustment. I am reminded by my sweet children Siena and Race that I did have a split decision, as I was falling – to not just fall back but rather ride out what was going to happen with my leg. I did what I could to protect my head, and this was the safest and least catastrophic decision that I could make in an instant…and I’m grateful I did. So when I am feeling helpless and sad… I have to remind myself to feel grateful. As I have learned over the last 11+ years… do everything you can to protect your head. It has been ingrained in my life and my kids. We feel those gentle reminders from our Roger who is in our hearts all the time. ❤️ so much to be thankful for.

Our thoughts continue to be with Schaefer and we’re wishing her a speedy recovery!