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CHESAPEAKE, Va. — The normal 8-year-old doesn’t typically have a first love.

But that’s not the case with David Spisak.

Of course, his life isn’t typical. He was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 2. It’s come back three times, most recently in March.

WTKR reports that his parents have made the decision to stop his treatments so he can spend his last days living a normal and happy life.

At his side is the love of his life. He met 7-year-old Ayla in September.

“In art class, I told her I liked her and she just had a surprised face so we started dating,” David says.

When David quit going to classes, he received several cards from his classmates, including many from Ayla.

“She kinda looks like Snow White,” said David. “Actually, she is kinda like the real Snow White because she is so kind to everybody, especially me because she loves me.”

David’s mom contacted Ayla’s mom.

“She`s definitely had an impact on his spirit, and I haven`t seen this side of him in a long time,” says Amber Spisak, David’s mom. “Certainly at 8 years  old, you don’t think that they’ll have a first love or a first kiss or a first date and it was just something that I accepted wasn’t going to happen. But it did.”

The two went on a first date: bowling. David gave Ayla a teddy bear and roses. She kissed him on the cheek. Ayla pushed his wheelchair and helped David bowl.

“The best part was watching the way they just needed to be close to each other and their conversation never got shy or quiet. That was all they needed to be happy,” said Amber.

“Their story is definitely something everyone can learn from,” said Angela Andrews, Ayla’s mom. “Just to love. Because that’s what’s important. At the end of every day that’s what’s important. Who loves you and who you love back.”

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