(WJW) – A serial killer known as the “Torso Killer,” is the centerpiece of a two-part documentary that airs starting Thursday night on A&E.

Richard Cottingham, 76, became known as the “Torso Killer” for the brutal way he dismembered his victims. His crimes spanned a couple of decades, from the late 60’s through the 80’s.

Just last year, the notorious serial killer, who was already serving a jail sentence, was charged in connection to yet another cold case murder. According to reports, Cottingham may be responsible for up to 100 women’s deaths.

The A&E special, “The Torso Killer Confessions,” takes a deeper look into the efforts of Detective Robert Anzilotti to bring justice to cold case victims. Fox News reports it will include a confession by Cottingham elicited by Anzilotti that hasn’t ever been made public.

A&E says on their site, “The special goes behind the scenes, exploring the relationship between the two men, and how that relationship culminated in Cottingham’s recent headline-making confessions. Through in-depth interviews with Anzilotti, never-before-heard audio tapes of the men’s conversations, intimate exclusive footage, and multiple confessions from Cottingham, the special is a rare look into an unrelenting journey for the truth against the odds.”

You can watch a preview of the special, here.

The special airs Thursday, March 9 at 9 p.m. Eastern time.