PARMA, Ohio (WJW) – Local police say a group of vandals are going door to door and destroying hundreds of dollars in Halloween decorations.

“They are walking through, not a care in the world. They are using their hands to just rip them apart,” said Jenn Pivonka, a Parma resident.

Pivonka’s Ring camera captured vandals destroying her Halloween display outside her home on Marlborough Avenue early Saturday morning.

“All six of our inflatables, our lights, everything was just torn to shreds. They kicked it around like it was nothing,” said Pivonka.

However, the decorations cost her family over $500.

“My three year old is devastated. Every little friend that she hugged in the morning and waved to at night is just gone,” said Pivonka.

A couple streets away, another Halloween display was destroyed on Maplecrest.

“Why? That’s the question we had,” said Deana Gonzalez, who did not want her face shown.

Gonzalez’s large inflatable was slashed around the same time as Pivonka’s.

“My  husband was excited, we are having a Halloween party and he said people will take pictures in front of it,” said Gonzalez.

Police reports show that vandals hit homes on at least five other streets in the neighborhood, all that same morning.

Anyone with any information is asked to call Parma police.