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CLEVELAND– Cleveland City Council approved a sweeping change Monday night.

They voted in favor of raising the minimum age to 21 of those who can buy tobacco products and e-cigarettes in Cleveland. It passed 13 to 3.

The legislation bans stores from selling cigarettes, tobacco and e-cigarettes to those under 21 in the City of Cleveland.

The first offense would be a fourth-degree misdemeanor, which could result in 30 days in jail or a $250 fine. Additional offenses would be second-degree misdemeanors and that could potentially mean 90 days in jail.

They can take another look and make some changes before the law goes into effect. That would be 120 days after Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson signs it into law.

Council is delaying a vote on a proposal that would prohibit the sale of flavored tobacco products everywhere but in retail tobacco shops.  They passed a resolution to begin hiring only non-smoker city employees by 2017.

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