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CLEVELAND (WJW) – “Did my 2-year-old just remember how he died in a former life?”

A freaked out mom posted the startling question on TikTok after her toddler began talking about dying in a desert.

“My husband and I share that look, like, ‘okay, what is this kid talking about?” said Kelsey Pomeroy, who is a former teacher and popular mom TikToker, @kelsewhatelse. 

“I’m watching the shows that he’s watching, I’m reading the books that he’s reading and nothing he’s doing is talking about this life to death cycle,” said Kelsey.

Little Theo has been surprising his parents from the moment he learned how to talk.

Sometimes the couple would even jokingly refer to him as their little old man.

“He gets really philosophical,” said Sam Pomeroy. “Like, ‘Hmm, if you’re a bad guy, does Jesus live in your heart?’”

Theo would also occasionally mention “his other mommy and daddy.”

But neither Sam or Kelsey were prepared for what he said one day while they were driving home from the park.

The then 2-year-old was in his carseat when, “out of nowhere,” they say he began talking about sand and a desert. 

“He said, ‘I was exploring in the desert and I had a map and I was looking for water, but then when I found the water and I sunk and then I was a kid again,’” said Kelsey, “I thought he went in the water and drowned, but he doesn’t even know what drowning is. We were just very confused and he goes, ‘No, I sunk in the sand.”

Everything about the declaration baffled the couple because Theo’s never been to a desert and doesn’t even like sand.

Kelsey says he even insists on wearing rubber boots at the beach.

“I had to special order and ship rain boots to the ocean,” said Kelsey.

But he is obsessed with maps.

“Ever since he was a baby he’s been obsessed with maps. That’s all he wants to play with are the maps. He’s drawing maps all the time,” said Kelsey.

The family identifies as “Christian” and says they absolutely have never spoken with Theo about life, death or reincarnation, and they have never exposed him to any movies, books or songs on the subject.

Kelsey admits she only shared the video on TikTok because it seemed entertaining and so bizarre.

She never expected the video to go viral with more than 8 million views already and thousands of comments.

“Finding the truth of his story and if he’s really remembering a past life… That’s not terribly important to us,” said Kelsey, “I mean, we believe in the supernatural here on earth and in heaven and we just don’t know everything so who am I to say what is and isn’t true?”