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CLEVELAND (WJW) — Those who chose to move away from the city of Cleveland in 2022 were most likely to head to one surprising city, the U.S. migration report from Allied Van Lines found.

The moving company said Clevelanders flocked to Atlanta at a higher rate than any other city in the country, and that those moving to Cleveland last year were also most likely to be coming from Atlanta.

Moved to Cleveland from:

  1. Atlanta, GA
  2. Charlotte-Gastonia, NC
  3. Chicago, IL
  4. Minneapolis-St Paul, MN
  5. Pittsburgh, PA

Moved from Cleveland to:

  1. Atlanta, GA
  2. Charlotte-Gastonia, NC
  3. Anaheim (Orange County), CA
  4. Chicago, IL
  5. Dallas, TX

However, due to a variety of factors, including inflation, the moving company said their data showed fewer people were moving in general, seeing a 20% decrease from 2021 to 2022.

They also found more people were moving to the suburbs than major cities and those polled said the main reasons for moving were work and family.

“People want to live close to relatives, in areas with large homes and low prices. Weather and access to nature were smaller but significant factors as well,” they said in the report, saying this led many to move to states in the southern region of the country.

The company compiled the migration report using data from moves taking place from Jan. 2016 though Nov. 2022 for comparability.

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