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CLEVELAND – Instead of preparing for Sunday service, a pair of Cleveland pastors are cleaning up their ransacked church after someone broke in and stole close to $1,000.

Way of Escape Ministries was the target of a thief or thieves Friday evening. The suspect escaped with the church safe, financial records, checks and cash meant for children.

“We’re not a big church,” Pastor Renae Moore said. “A lot of our families are not well to do. So everything that we do we have to push for it so our families are hurting, our church is hurting, our community will be hurting because of this as well.”

Pastor Moore is co-pastor along with her husband. They’ve been at their Denison Avenue church for around eight years.

On Saturday, a group gathered to repair broken glass and board up the shattered front door. Thieves also stole all the food in several of the church’s refrigerators. The frozen food was meant to feed the homeless and veterans. It’s a monthly service the pastors said they work hard to provide their community.

“We are going to stick to our mission,” Pastor Edwin Moore said. “We are a way of escape and so we’re going to continue to be that for those people who need a way of escape. We are going to be there for them.”

While the bulk of cleanup is still ahead for this husband and wife ministry, the plan is to open for service Sunday.

“Nothing can stop our praise,” Pastor Renee said. “It just might be a harder fight for the praise, but nothing will be able to stop our praise.”

The church has started a GoFundMe account to help replace the stolen money and food. Click here to go to the account.