INDEPENDENCE, Ohio (WJW) – Newly released surveillance video captures the terrifying moments outside of a suburban gas station when carjackers take a customer’s car at gunpoint. It happened on August 18th at 3:40 AM at the Shell station on Brecksville Road in Independence.

The video shows a car that had been reported stolen in Garfield Heights pulling into the station. Investigators say the men sitting inside the vehicle were intent on committing a carjacking.

A short time later, a customer pulls in, gets out and walks into the station, unaware of the danger he’s in. When he comes back outside, two suspects jump out of the stolen car and confront the victim at gunpoint. 

“They stated something to the effect that they were going to kill him if he did not produce his car keys or give them his car and his wallet,” said Independence Police Chief Robert Butler.

The security video then shows the two men jumping into the victim’s SUV and driving away. Right behind them was their accomplice in the car they had stolen earlier. Independence police commend the victim for cooperating with the suspects and not panicking or escalating the situation.

“We can find those items later, the police care about your life and about your health, your property we can get back, things can be replaced, your life cannot,” said Chief Butler. 

The carjacking in Independence is just one in a series of violent robberies committed in recent weeks in Greater Cleveland. Investigators are now comparing notes to see if they may have been committed by the same gunmen.

Among the similar crimes is an August 17th carjacking on Center Ridge Road in Rocky River.

The victim, a 49-year-old woman, was thrown to the ground by two men who grabbed her purse and keys and took off in her SUV, followed by their accomplices in another stolen vehicle.

The police chief of Independence says authorities are concerned that the threats made by the suspects will become a reality, and that’s why they are placing a high priority on identifying each one of them. “We’re casting a big net, we want to make sure we catch as many people as possible to keep all of the citizens safe,” said Chief Butler.