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MUNROE FALLS, Ohio (WJW) – Walking along the hike and bike trail at Brust Park in Munroe Falls is one of the many things Kay and Harry Walker like to do together, especially in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

But last Thursday morning, Kay says her husband of 46 years decided to walk the trail alone.

Walker said, “I didn’t go because I didn’t sleep well with all this pandemic going around; getting to me, I guess.”

Just minutes into his walk, Kay says she received a call from her husband’s cell phone, but he wasn’t on the other end.

“The first thing I said was, ‘what happened?’ But it wasn’t my husband; it was a gentleman and he told me my husband fell.”

The good Samaritans ran to his aid and called 911, risking their own lives to help, as Harry was bleeding heavily, suffering from a deep gash to the head and unable to walk.

“He was up at the mile marker and was on his way back and there’s a hill and he was going a little bit too fast and all of sudden he just fell.”

Harry was transported by ambulance to Western Reserve Hospital in Cuyahoga Falls.

Kay was not able to be by his side in the ER.

“The nurse had told me I would either have to stay in my car at the hospital or stay at home and wait for the call to pick him up.”

Harry is now on the road to recovery after receiving several stiches and nursing a small hematoma to the head.

And just days later, the husband and wife are back walking the trails together.

And hoping to one day meet the mystery good Samaritans who they only know to be a nurse and a teacher.

“I hope they see this tonight. I just want them to know how thankful I am. I don’t know what I would’ve done without them.”