‘They are laughing at us’: Twinsburg police warn of vehicle thefts, implore people to lock up


TWINSBURG, Ohio (WJW) — The Twinsburg Police Department has uncovered a car theft operation preying on suburban communities in Northeast Ohio. And they’re calling on residents to help keep local property and vehicles safe.

In a Facebook post, Chief of Police Christopher Noga said that authorities are working hard to apprehend the thieves, but that the most important thing people can do is remember to keep their cars locked.

Police explained that the mostly-underage thieves reportedly operate by going into neighborhoods and search out cars that are unlocked to open and find valuables. If vehicles are found with keys or key fobs inside, they are stolen. There are so many cars left unlocked the suspects don’t have to bother with breaking into them, police said.

Noga said that one thief involved in the operation told police that they are not scared away by dogs, search lights or even security cameras.

“Complacency is creating opportunity and the word has spread to the victimizers – the suburbs are vulnerable and ripe for the picking. They are laughing at us,” Noga said in the statement. “They know that they have found a deep, deep goldmine for their criminal activities. They know that because most of the members of these crew are juveniles, the consequences of an arrest are minor at best. They will continue to steal until there is no more opportunities for them.”

Twinsburg police offered the following tips to deter criminals from breaking into and or/stealing your vehicle:

1. Lock your vehicle doors (even when parked in your garage but especially when parked in your driveway)

2. Remove your keys/key fob from your vehicle.

3. Do not leave a spare key near your vehicle.

4. Close your vehicle windows when parked.

5. Secure your garage door opener in your locked glove box when your vehicle is parked.

6. Never leave valuables in your vehicle, especially if they can be seen from outside the vehicle. If you have to leave valuables in your vehicle, secure them in the glove box or trunk.

7.If your vehicle is so equipped, always engage your car alarm/anti-theft system when parked (even when parked in the garage)

“Let’s work together as a community to reduce the opportunities that allow these thieves to operate,” Noga said.

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