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(WJW) — Employers are scrambling to fill more than 10 million job openings in the U.S. in August, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

After the COVID-19 pandemic hit the reset button in the job market, employees are finding themselves with a little more leverage in the workforce.

Job postings on Indeed, the worldwide employment website for job listings, are well above their pre-pandemic levels. In July, 5.2% of those postings were offering signing bonuses. That’s more than three times higher than in July 2019, but below the December 2021 peak of 5.5%, according to Hiring Lab, the economic research done by Indeed.

Indeed research found some common threads throughout jobs offered with a signing bonus including jobs performed in-person and with high-licensing requirements, like nursing which is in the lead with nearly 20%.

Others at the top of the list are drivers and veterinary occupations, dental and medical technicians and childcare workers.

Here’s a list of specific companies with entry level opportunities that are offering hiring bonuses:


  • With around 1.2 million employees, the second largest retailer (behind Walmart) experienced a surge of online shopping during the pandemic. New workers can get a $1,000 sign-on bonus and an additional $100 if they have received the COVID-19 vaccination.


  • Serving millions of customers, the fast food giant is offering a $300 or $200 incentive at various locations in Ohio.


  • In an effort to staff its 200 new locations, the Mexican grill introduced a $200 employee referral bonus for crew members and a $750 referral bonus for apprentices or general managers.

Giant Eagle

  • Some locations in Northeast Ohio are offering a $1,000 sign-on bonus for personal curbside shopper new hires and experienced bakers or $500 for hourly team member new hires.

Hilton Hotels

  • The full-service hotels and resorts are offering up to $600 incentives for various jobs in the Cleveland area.

The benefits of hiring bonuses don’t just fall to job-seekers. From the employer’s view, signing bonuses are a one-time cost that can be nixed when the hiring crunch subsides.

The slight slowing since December’s peak could mean employers have found the workers they want and no longer need to offer hiring incentives or it could be because inflation is taking a bite out of business profits.