(NEXSTAR) — Americans with a bachelor’s degree had a median income of $74,154 in 2022.

Data released this week from the Census Bureau found degrees in science and engineering fields had the highest average incomes, outperforming those with degrees in business, education, the arts, humanities, or other degrees. 

Across all Americans, those with a degree in electrical engineering earn the most at roughly $121,600, on average. That’s almost $69,000 more than those on the other end of the scale — Americans with degrees in family and consumer sciences earned an average of $52,850 last year. 

The five highest-earning degrees in the U.S. last year, among Americans with bachelor’s degrees who are between the ages of 25 and 64, were:

  1. Electrical engineering: $121,600
  2. Computer science: $108,500
  3. Mechanical engineering: $106,200
  4. Economics: $101,400
  5. Engineering: $100,600

Alternatively, the five lowest-earning degrees were: 

  1. Family and consumer sciences: $52,850
  2. Fine arts: $53,450
  3. Elementary education: $54,900
  4. Social work: $55,060
  5. General education: $58,000