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(WJW) — There’s a new kind of venomous spider to be on the lookout for, although the species is only found in Florida and is quite rare.

Known as the Pine Rockland Trapdoor Spider (or Ummidia richmond), the new species was found by researchers at Zoo Miami, who first discovered one in its surrounding pine rocklands area in 2012. The zoo announced their findings in a Facebook post earlier this month.

Over the years, the zoo reportedly has found a few male spiders, but never a female.

In its research, the zoo was unable to find any spider exactly like it, and recently called in an expert from Piedmont College who confirmed the mygalomorph was different than any other species known to science.

In general, other kinds of trapdoor spiders are known to live for decades. They tend to live in burrows rather than webs, and create a hinged door to protect their homes. The spiders reportedly rarely bite humans.

“Given the rarity of the habitat that this species was found in and that it has not been known to science until now, it is assumed that it is likely already imperiled,” the zoo said in the Facebook post.

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