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GEAUGA COUNTY, Ohio (WJW) — Christmas is just 84 days away and some are wondering if the holiday will be canceled, just like everything else in the age of coronavirus.

Fox 8 News spoke with a reliable source, who says that is not going to happen.

It turns out Santa Claus’ offseason home, North Pole Village, is outside Middlefield in Geauga County.

The village is known as Santa’s Hideaway Hollow and is run by a charitable organization that provides a ray of sunshine for children who are seriously or terminally ill, veterans and their families.

“My first child said to me ‘Santa, make my mommy happy, you know I’m dying,’ that’s a goal for us, is to make mom happy,” said Santa Claus. “Christmas is the most important day. It’s a family day — it’s a day to be with your family, your loved ones, to make memories. The nurses call it quality of life.”

As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, children have been unable to visit Santa’s Hideaway, but Mr. Claus has been able to visit with them virtually through the use of ZOOM.

“The one question that’s come in from these kids, is ‘Santa, will there be a Christmas? Are you sick? Can you still come?’” he said.

Santa says because so much has been canceled in 2020, he decided to spread some good cheer by announcing his plans for the upcoming holiday.

He told Fox 8, “I cannot get sick. I will be at every child’s house on Christmas Eve. There will be a Christmas. Nothing can take it away. COVID or no COVID, I will be there.”

Santa has this advice for kids of all ages:

“You have to go to bed early. You have to make sure your room is clean. You’ve got make sure you do everything mom says prior to that night. Don’t wait up for me, you’ll only delay me, leave my cookies,” he said. “I am not going to let you down. I am going to be there.”

To keep up with news from Santa’s Hideaway Hollow, you can visit the group’s Facebook page.