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SANDUSKY, Ohio (WJW) — “The Fun is Just Beginning” at Cedar Point. That’s the amusement park’s message to guests as they prepare to celebrate 150 years of operation. 

“Believe it or not, we started planning for the 150th celebration in 2018,” said Jessica Bradley, a manager in the park’s marketing department.  “We want to celebrate with you.”

The postponed commemoration runs from Saturday, June 26th through August 15th and includes a bright, colorful and energetic parade. “There’s about 200 people that just went by you in different capacities whether they’re performers, float drivers, spotters, directors, things like that,” said Lisa Jones, director of the live entertainments department.

The nightly performance will be a traveling timeline of the park’s history. “Key things that have made us what we are and brought us to today.”

Since 1870, the park has grown and evolved with new attractions, like this summer’s new snake river expedition boat ride.

Families can join in on the mission to smuggle valuables around adventure island. 

To replenish guest’s energy, the park has whipped up some new food offerings to honor the past. 

“It’s kind of a combination of the old and the new,” said Executive Sous Chef RJ Sinwald.

And introduce the present with dishes like a Nashville hot chicken sandwich with mini funnel cakes. 

“We use that as the bun and then we have a chicken patty sandwich that we make. Douse it all in Nashville hot honey with a little sriracha glaze.”

And there is a whole new 2021 collection of 167 souvenir buttons to take home. 

“It’s just a reminder for me personally and for guests of all ages that Cedar Point is a place to be celebrated,” said Bradley. 

To help celebrate, Cedar Point also is launching a free new button where guests can write down the year that they first visited the park.

But for the generations who have known the peninsula through the years, 150 is a proud milestone. 

“To see where the park was when I was a child and where it is now is incredible,” said Sinwald.

Guests also still have a chance to win a cedar point ticket of a lifetime during the celebration at the park which gives the winner free admission for the rest of their lives.

You can learn more about the 150th-anniversary celebrations by clicking here