STARK COUNTY, Ohio (WJW) – It sounds like typical classical music, but there is nothing ordinary about these compositions and how they soothe distressed animals.

The tunes were specially and specifically recorded through the non-profit Rescue Animal MP3 Project founded by veterinarian Dr. Pamela Fisher, 7211 Wales Ave NW, North Canton, OH.

“This music is designed actually to promote healing in the body with special frequencies,” said Dr. Fisher.

She was inspired to start the non-profit and have the music recorded while volunteering/visiting the Stark County Kennel and other NE Ohio animal shelters.

She wanted a way to help comfort the confined animals, because kennels can be stressful environments for them.

Sgt. Jon Barber with the Stark County Sheriff’s Office Dog Warden Division admits they were unsure about it in the beginning.

“Obviously we were skeptical, it’s kind of like play music for dogs? How does that work, but we said sure we’ll try anything,” said Sgt. Barber.

Musicians donated their talents to record the songs.

Dr. Fisher then began donating the tracks and speakers to shelters and sanctuaries around the world.

“The Stark County pound was the very first place we put the music in, and it worked,” said Dr. Fisher smiling, “It works so much better than I ever expected!”

There are multiple videos from inside shelters, and some captured by Fox 8 News showing the music at work.

As soon as it is turned on, and begins floating through the bays, the animals almost instantly stop barking and relax.

Dr. Fisher says that is because of the extensively researched frequencies.

“The vibration, the frequency, the tones and things like that actually help the energy of the body move and the organs to help healing occur,” she said, “There are studies that show that cows give more milk when they’re playing classical music.”

The music is now being played and calming animals at about 15-hundred shelters around the world, from bird rescues to pot belly pig rescues and even a sanctuary in Zimbabwe. 

“The lions are just chilling out and then they were amazed how it helped to keep an orphaned baby elephant calm,” said Dr. Fisher, “Just amazing!”

Back home in Stark County Sgt. Barber says they were stunned too.

“It would be 3 in the afternoon, and we wouldn’t hear dogs bark,” he said, “We’re like where are they? And they were just calm, relaxed, and laying in their kennel enjoying the music. So, it’s been a great partner for us. It really has…. made a believer out of me.”

The music can be used to soothe pets at home during fireworks, storms or any other time they’re distressed and humans too.

Because she says, even if you can’t hear the frequencies the vibration is still there.

“So, it just sings to my heart,” said Dr. Fisher, “It’s music to my heart.”

To learn more about the music, the Rescue Animal MP3 Project and how to hear the music yourself, click here.