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CLEVELAND (WJW) — “The defense showed up.”

That’s what former running back Greg Pruitt said what helped the Browns to victory Sunday, when they took on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at home.

The Browns scored a tying touchdown with 30 seconds left in regulation, then scored the winning touchdown with just 20 seconds left in overtime.

Pruitt said the team “started off” like they usually do.

“The difference, I think, Sunday is that the Browns started off like they usually do, but yesterday the defense showed up,” said Pruitt. “And then, the Browns woke up in overtime.”

Pruitt said that as a former player, he knows the team gets tired of the public saying negative things about the team.

You have to collectively get together and say, ‘The only way we can change this is by winning,'” Pruitt said. “The situation we put ourselves in, we had to win one of those two games left before Deshaun came back, and we managed to do that.”

The final score was 23-17.