(WJW) — The return of a fast-food favorite is at hand: Taco Bell‘s Mexican Pizza is set to return to the chain’s permanent menu on Sept. 15.

The company tweeted Tuesday: “The beans have been spilled.”

Taco Bell brought it back in May, after strong demand — including a Change.org petition to “Save the Mexican Pizza” that garnered more than 170,000 signatures — but couldn’t keep it in stock, amid ingredient shortages and demand that had increased sevenfold.

The company has since solved those supply chain problems. When it comes back, it won’t be just a limited-time offer.

“The late summer return is sooner than Taco Bell first anticipated when shortages hit earlier this year, as Taco Bell worked quickly to restock the beloved menu item,” reads an official FAQ. “It’ll be here to stay for good when it returns September 15.”

The Mexican Pizza is seasoned beef, refried beans, cheese and tomatoes between flour tortillas and topped with pizza sauce. It was discontinued in 2020.

To celebrate its return in spring, Taco Bell announced “Mexican Pizza: The Musical,” a TikTok starring Dolly Parton and Doja Cat. That video was postponed after the ingredient shortage, but the company said “stay tuned for more details” on how the company will celebrate the return of the Mexican Pizza.