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(WJW) – Video of a passenger “losing his mind” over a crying baby on a Southwest Airlines flight has gone viral.

The video posted to TikTok has been viewed more than 170,000 times and has garnered thousands of comments.

During the video, which is about 4 minutes long, the man can be heard yelling at flight attendants.

At the beginning of the video, the man says, “That child has been crying for 40 minutes.”

He continues to express frustration. When an airline employee tells the man, “You are yelling.” He returns the comment by saying “So is the baby!”

The video does not identify the man.

According to the video, the flight was diverted because of the man’s behavior and passengers were asked to get off the plane.

Southwest Airlines said in a statement to Fox 8 News:

“We do not have details of this flight to share.”

It went on to say: “We commend our Crew for exhibiting outstanding professionalism while handling a challenging situation, and we offer our apologies to the other Customers onboard who had to experience such unacceptable behavior.”

Thousands of comments show a multitude of opinions. Some criticize the man for losing his temper, and others come to his defense.

One commenter said, “People this irrational need to be banned for life from every airline.”

Another said, “He speaks on behalf of many many many of us who are not commenting here today. Especially when parents try NOTHING to quiet down their baby.”

Several comments also expressed sympathy for the baby’s mother.

The full video can be viewed, here. (Warning: Language in the video may be offensive to some viewers.)